Folks, it is dark out there!  And it is getting darker.  Since this ministry was born, 15 years ago, never have the motels along East and West Colfax ever been so full.  Never have they been so full of families living along side addicts, sex offenders, felons, prostitutes, and gang members.  Never have the shelters been so full, even during the warmer months.  We are the Body of Christ and as such are called to be the light in the darkness.  We may not be able to solve all the problems of the world, or lighten the pain of each person we meet, but we can be the light in the darkness that points to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.Mean Street has always been about touching individual lives and I want to say THANK YOU on behalf of everyone here and those we serve.  Recently we were featured in three local newspapers.  If you missed either or both of the articles I encourage you to read them now (linked below) and help us continue to spread the word about homelessness and God's Mission through Mean Street.

James Fry

Homelessness in Jeffco Steps Out of Hiding

The Homeless Person... on the Street is a Person Just Like You


Mean Street Ministry seeks to see lives transformed by compassionately serving people in need.






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