To The Mean Street Ministry:

            I would like to say thank you for bringing light into one of the darkest moments of my life. If you all had not come to my motel door, my husband and I would probably not be here today.

            My name is Sandy Anderson and my husband and I are so grateful for the food and prayer and God's love that you brought into our lives each and every time you came to the motel where we were staying.

            My husband and I became homeless last year due to the rising cost of rent in Aurora. We ended up at Motel 9 at the end of March 2016. That motel was far from a good living situation and I was terrified.  First, This motel is on Colfax, a really bad neighborhood. Second, a lot of the other tenants there were into prostitution, drugs, gangs, or had just got out of jail or prison. We had to deal with nasty bugs in our room, not enough water pressure to take a decent shower, fridge only worked sometimes, power constantly going out, air conditioner blowing hot air, windows that did not open and people just walking in because they had previously stayed there and had a key to our room. We also had to deal with management threatening to kick us out on a daily basis just because they were in a bad mood. We quickly learned to only come out of our room when absolutely necessary and never complain about the horrible condition of our room.

             We had a choice, we could stay in that room and pay horrible prices (however, they were still less than the rent we could not afford) and not eat well or we could stay in our car out in the open where we were even more vulnerable to the elements of weather as well as the issues that occur on Colfax. The one thing that made living in that horrible place a little better was the friendly faces that came every Monday and brought food and the love of God with them. Yes, the folks at Mean Street Ministry. They were the only ones I would ever open my door to. They brought me peace and happiness even though it was only for a short time each week.

            I am so very grateful for all of the volunteers that came to my door. While I don't remember their names, I do remember their faces. I felt so alone everyday in that motel while my husband was at work. I was so depressed. I needed substenence for both my body and my soul and they provided that. They also provided resources which helped tremendously. The best one was when they told me about the church, House of Purpose, right across the street that provided a hot meal every Tuesday night. I really can't put into words how much the visit from these folks meant to me every week. We prayed for my mom and for my husband and me and whatever else came to my mind when they came to the door. I truly believe that if they had not knocked on my door when they did that I would probably be dead now. I would get very upset whenever I could not be there when they came or the few times they didn't come. They were the highlight of my week. Just amazing people who definitely helped me and my husband begin a truly awesome journey with God!!!

            Once my husband and I became members of The House Of Purpose, we really started growing more and more in Christ. I knew I wanted to give back the amazing blessings that I received from God through The Mean Street Ministries. I found out that  The House Of Purpose participated in this ministry so I decided to join the group one night in November 2016.

  The first time I  went out to the motels was the beginning of God's plan for me, although I did not know it at the time. I was looking for a way to help those that were homeless and living on Colfax just as I had been.  Well it was a very chilly night and the first motel we went to was the Pace Setter on East Colfax. We went around to the rooms and prayed and gave out food and resource material. It felt great to be giving back what was given to me. I loved doing God's work. Just as we were getting ready to pack up and go to the next motel a man walked up to the van we were getting ready to get in and started talking to us. He was having a bad night and he missed out on his place to stay for the night because he didn't make it back by 6pm. It was supposed to snow and like I said, it was chilly. This man was crying and very upset because he had to spend the night on the street. The one thing he wanted that would have calmed him down was a blanket and we didn't have one.  That is when God placed it upon my heart to make blankets for the homeless. I love making quilts and it was the one thing I knew I could do with God's help to make the homeless a little more comfortable. So I talked to my Pastor and some good friends and they all helped me get the materials needed to get started. So now in the cold months, we have one or two blankets that we bring with us when we go out with Mean Street Ministries and we also give them out on Wednesday mornings when The House Of Purpose does sidewalk cafe for the folks on Colfax.

            So I want to say thank you so very much to all the folks that are with Mean Street Ministries. You all truly changed my life and most definitely have made a huge difference on Colfax for so many people. I am so glad that God brought you all out to the meanest street in all of Colorado to do his work. Without you, so many people would be hungry and cold and all alone. Thanks for shining God's light and sharing his love with people that otherwise have no one.


                                                                                                            God Bless All Of You!!!




                                                                                                            Sandy Anderson


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