Today I found an old card that was given to me by our Monday Night volunteers.  I love this card.  Many of the people who signed it have moved on, but I love each and every one of them and I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to serve with them for a time.  I cannot express how grateful I am for the fellowship of our volunteers or how much I am moved by their deep love.  No one comes out on the streets week after week for any other reason.  Most nights I long to be at home with my family, and I’m sure that our volunteers feel similarly, but they show up rain or shine ready to serve.  It is truly a testament to the power of God.
I often feel like a total failure.  I don’t pray enough.  I don’t love enough.  I don’t serve or listen enough.  I rely on my own strength more often than not and as a result I fall on my face more often than not.  I get deeply depressed and am usually a misanthrope.  When I look at this card I know as complete a failure as I am, God is completely triumphant, even in me.  What a wonderful blessing that is.


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